Options for bodies corporate on expiration of management rights

Robert Herd, Director

​The first thing that should be said is that the current managers are not entitled to an extension or a renewal of their agreements as a right, and the body corporate should not feel obliged to grant a new agreement or extension to the managers. Ask yourselves.. what is in the best interest for all lot owners?

Can your client live in a CTS and be happy?

Robert Herd, Director 

Presented at QLS Symposium

20 March 2015

​With an increasing number of people living under community titles, it’s important for property lawyers to manage potential issues at the outset to avoid disputes down the track. 

Maintenance of Common Property in Community Title Developments

Robert Herd, Director 

Presented for Television Education Network at 7th Annual Qld Property Law Conference

20 February 2014 & 19 August 2014

​What is common property? Who owns common property? Improvements to common property..

Palm Springs - The right to terminate


Robert Herd, Director

January 2009

On the 18th December 2008 the District Court on Appeal handed down a momentous and long overdue decision in the Appeal by the Body Corporate for Palm Springs Residences against the decision of Mr Gary Bugden Specialist Adjudicator in relation to the attempted termination of the caretaker, J Patterson Holdings Pty Ltd's management rights agreements. 

Palm Springs Residences - Terminated


Robert Herd, Director

July 2009

On 2 July 2009 Specialist Adjudicator Dorney handed down his much awaited decision in the application brought by the Caretaker to prevent the termination of his caretaking agreement with the body corporate.

Recovery costs - a body corporate debt?

Robert Herd, Director

April 2014

A common issue that has remained unresolved within the body corporate community  is whether recovery costs incurred in the recovery of outstanding levy contributions are in fact a body corporate debt.

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