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Body Corporate Levy Collections


A body corporate's financial well being is greatly dependent on the timely payment of body corporate levies by its lot owners. Once lot owners start falling into arrears, it can place the body corporate under financial stress.


HerdLaw - The Body Corporate Lawyers have been acting for bodies corporate in the recovery of outstanding levies since 1997 and have extensive experience in all aspects of the debt recovery process. From issuing a letter of demand, to obtaining a Warrant for the seizure and sale of a unit or the winding up of Companies, HerdLaw - The Body Corporate Lawyers have a 100% success rate for recovering outstanding body corporate levies. Our results speak for themselves!



"We use Herdlaw exclusively for the recovery of outstanding body corporate levies, and have done for years. Herdlaw are professional, efficient and cost effective with a 100% success rate for our Schemes."

Lee Horton,  Horton's BC Management Services


"Herdlaw Solicitors have performed their duties in a professional, responsible and competent manner."

Body Corporate for Golden Beach Resort


"As the Director of Select Strata Management I am happy to say that I have had a fantastic association with Herdlaw since July 2007 in relation to all types of body corporate law.  The main area I use their services is in the debt collection of outstanding monies to the bodies corporate I manage. Their advice is exceptional and the turnaround time is very quick. The success rate of recovering outstanding monies has been 100%.  I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any body corporate or body corporate management company!"

Jenny Riseley, Director, Select Strata Management




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